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About Us

  • To be the Slimming centre with the best word-of-mouth reputation.
  • To improve customers’ figure, health and confidence through Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles and natural ingredients.

  • To deliver warm, friendly and attentive service that customers look forward to.

Why Us?

Nestled in the heart of central district, slimming 101 caters to assist in helping you achieve the desired silhouette, accompanied with a stress-free and cosy ambience, with the friendly approach of our therapists, treating your weight issues thoroughly.
  • High-tech slimming machine combined with “Qi” philosophy and meridian theory
  • Formulated with Botanical Ingredients such as Cinnamon leaves
  • Certified treatment by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner
  • Personalised Slimming Diet Plan to improve body condition
  • No weight rebound
*results may vary