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Herbs We Use

At Slimming 101, our products contain premium herbs which include Rosemary, Lavender, White Thyme, Citron Fruits, Cinnamon Leaves, Juniper, Sage, Peppermint, Capsicum, Black Pepper and Ginger that are trusted by herbalist for centuries.

These varieties guarantee that you will receive the best and used from what each unique herbal remedy has to offer.

These herbs are prepared under the most ensures stringent laboratory stand that only premium extracts are being used. This also reflects our commitment to provide you only products of excellent premium quality.

In Slimming 101, we combine the high-tech Slimming machine with “Qi” philosophy and meridian theory; to solve your fat problems from inside out.

So with Slimming 101, be assured that you will experience personalized Slimming treatment right from Nature’s sources, free of harsh chemicals and dermatologically-tested just so that you can indulge in the gentle care only herbs can bring without worries – only remarkable results.

Efficacy of Slimming 101's product

  1. Produce quick and visible results
  2. Premium herbs
  3. No weight rebound
  4. Derived from botanical extracts
  5. Solve your fat problems from inside out

Below are some of the natural herbal ingredients found in Slimming 101.