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Disclaimer: Your results may vary. There is no scientific proof that any slimming programme can achieve permanenet weight loss except when accompanied with a balanced diet and regular exercise.


“The acupuncture treatment was not only combating my flabby parts issue but also help treating my problem from inside, such as strengthening my digestive system and restoring water balance system. Therefore, I lost 300 grams in one treatment at Slimming 101!”


“I was also put under a Thermal Hot Blanket wrap that made me sweat so much! I stood up dripping with sweat! It’s like I ran 5km, LOL!!At the end of the whole treatment, I lost 0.5Kg!”


“Slimming 101 main focus is to use the most natural method and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help me slim down with a healthy beautiful body from inside out.”


“I’ve got bad water retention and low metabolism rate. Being thin, I never knew!

Thank you Slimming 101, I have lost some unwanted water in the right places and I felt considerably more relaxed and lighter overall.”