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Targeted Spots

Flabby Arms

Flabby arms occur where skin is overstretched and the firmness is lost. Poor skin elasticity due to ageing, skin thickness or genetic will result in such.

Belly Fats

Causes of belly fat is due to overconsumption of calories than the body could burn. This includes pregnancy and menopause. During pregnancy, the skin sag as its being stretched hence the belly fat area become more visible. As for menopause, belly fats are accumulated due to weight gain and dope in estrogen levels, hence excess weight resides there.


Cellulite is an issue that plagues most women of all ages. Many are clueless as to how to deal with it. It is a cluster of fat deposits that resides below the skin pushing against the connective tissue in between the skin and muscles resulting in dimpled appearance.

Heavy Bottom

Women with pear-shaped figures tend to worry over how to make their hips and thighs smaller, and are likely to sigh whenever they look at their figure in the mirror. To hide the heavy bottom figure, they will ultimately select fitting jeans and loose tops to balance out their figure. This group of women will also be extremely sensitive to how much space they are taking up on a bus or MRT seat with their large hips.

Heavy bottom, also known as pear-shaped figure, is one of the most common body shapes of women. The formulation of estrogen causes higher levels of fats to be stored in a woman’s body, and it accumulates around the buttock, hip and thighs area. When the level of estrogen declines with menopause, the fats will shift upwards to become belly fats.

Women with heavy bottoms tend to cover up the lower part of their bodies with clothing, and feel extremely uncomfortable in shorts or skirts that reveal their thighs. They usually lack in self-confidence in their body shapes, as they feel that their top and bottom are imbalanced, in contrast to a woman’s ideal figure of 36-24-36.

Slimming 101 offers slimming solutions customised to individual’s needs and helps you to balance out heavy bottom problems effectively.

Thunder Thighs

Thunder thighs can be inherited or due to excess estrogen in the body or improper food consumption. Too much of estrogen leads to body storing more fats than needed around the thighs for both genders.