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Understanding your weight problems at four stages of life

A recent expression surfaced, “If women could not take control of her weight, how could she take control of her life?” The sentence, as controversial as it may sound, speaks to the inner voice of most women.

To all women, weight-control plays a big part in their life. In the city of social networking world, the topic becomes a hot pot during most coffee sessions. Women who are beauty conscious are usually more than willing to share when it comes to all kinds of weight-control methods.

Determinants of fats at each age group

Everyone has their respective eating habits, lifestyle, occupation and body composition, which make up to a whole varying degree of obesity at every age group:


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Female body fats at this stage of life is usually not on the high chart. They have high metabolism rate and lively school days coupled with occupying extra-curricular activities. Except that, teenagers are more likely to consume heavier snacks such as fast food and lead to obesity. By and large, body weight for girls at this age group is considerably balanced.



The ladies in their 20s have higher tendency of facing lower-body fats problem due to the nature of their work as they are required to work indoors for long hours. They would sit in office and even munch at their stationary position. Over the time without regular exercises, fats accumulate especially at the lower part of the body affecting the tummy and thighs.



30 years down the road, the female hormones deteriorate by almost 15%. The body function gradually slows down, especially metabolism rate and digestive system. With the lack of exercises and irregular meals, the food consumed would turn into body fats. Women who are juggling with work and family stress are prone to interstitial fluid and hormones disorder, which are factors that cause the growth of fats. Women with post-baby weight lost problems in this situation will have more difficulties in terms of restoring their pre-pregnancy weight.


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After 40s, women enter menopause stage with their hormones deteriorating further resulting in a series of physiological change such as increased appetite or compulsive eating that could easily deposit fats more than usual.

According to expert’s analysis, fats formation is on the high side for women facing medical conditions such as hypertension, high blood pressure, heart diseases, hormones change and metabolism disorder.

Different types of weight problems hit individuals at different ages. However, no matter your concerns, Slimming 101 is able to help you lose your body fats healthily and shape up your body with confidence.